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V&F Coffee Team 2013

V&F – Customer Service Experts!

V&F has always provided a high level of personalized customer service. All customers are provided with specialized points of contact at V&F. A specific account executive, customer service agent, driver and technician are assigned to each customer. Customers are provided with contact information for this team. Over the years this method has proven to build a solid relationship with our customers.

Account executive service can be made available at the customer’s request. This level of service includes regular visits by a V&F Account Executive (AE) to check stock and place orders to maintain par levels on all products. The AE works closely with the customer to ensure proper stock levels are kept.


Placing brewing equipment is one of the most important aspects of our coffee service. Because of this V&F does everything possible to install and maintain reliable equipment in our accounts. When notified of equipment failure we will respond within 24 hours.

V&F provides cleaning of all brewing equipment. Customers dictate to us their cleaning needs and we schedule accordingly.

Ordering and Delivery

Orders can be placed by phone, fax, email and web.

Many customers call our customer service number to place their orders. We do not have automated answering or touch tone prompts. We pick up the phone every time it rings. Our web based ordering utility is found at vfop.com. Our site provides the ability to search products, create favorite’s lists, set budgets, and view past and present orders.

Our delivery process is tailored to each customer. We can deliver bi-weekly, weekly, or next day at no additional charge.


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V&F Coffee Inc.
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Phone: 703-569-9500
Fax: 703-440-8400
Email: info@vfop.com